Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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Straightforward Crock Pot Chicken 

Cherished this Simple Crock Pot Chicken! This formula is a decent beginning stage numerous formulas, so don't hesitate to include vegetables in the event that you like. You may likewise utilize any chicken part for this formula. 


4 substantial skinless chicken bosoms (bone in) 

1 (14 1/2 ounce) can chicken soup 

2 (7/8 ounce) bundles chicken sauce blend or 2 (7/8 ounce) bundles mushroom sauce blend or 2 (7/8 ounce) bundles dark colored sauce blend 

new split pepper 


Spot chicken breasts(you may expel bones on the off chance that you like) in simmering pot. Pour in chicken soup. On the off chance that it doesn't cover the chicken, you may include a smidgen of water. Cook on low 8 hours, or high 4-5 hours. Check for delicacy. When it tumble off the bone when pulled with a fork, expel from simmering pot. Expel bones 

In a pan, pour 2 measures of juices from stewing pot. Include 2 bundles sauce blend and mix until it thickens, around 2 minutes. On the off chance that you like you can make sauce starting with no outside help, utilizing the simmering pot juices. 

Serve sauce over chicken. I generally serve this with pureed potatoes, yet noodles would be great as well. You may season to taste now, however the sauce blend and the chicken stock are quite salty,

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