Friday, February 22, 2019

#Strawberry #Doughnuts

Delicious and healthy family choice special food and drink
Strawberry Doughnuts 

Strawberry doughnuts, speedy, simple thus delicate with couple of fixings you have at home! Attempt to make them, and your family will appreciate in these strawberry doughnuts! 

5 eggs 

1 glass oil 

1 glass sugar 

1 teaspoon heating powder 

1 glass milk 

4 glasses flour 

1 glass white chocolate chips 

1 glass hacked strawberries 

1 teaspoon vanilla concentrate 

Whisk 5 eggs, include oil, sugar, milk, heating powder and gradually include flour, mixing continually. 

Warm the doughnut producer, put the batter in it and prepare doughnuts. 

At the point when doughnuts are cool, spread one side of doughnuts with white chocolate. 

Whatever remains of white chocolate blend with strawberry extricate and enliven doughnuts.

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